Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Info:

LSR7 CH&WC Info Sheet.pdf

CH&WC Info Sheet

A great resource with detailed information on the Complete Health & Wellness Center

CH&WC Video

Watch this informational video about the CH&WC to learn about this great benefit that offers convenient and affordable access to quality health care!

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How to Schedule an Appointment

Step-by-step instructions on how to schedule an appointment at the Complete Health & Wellness Center using the My Premise Health app or online at

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How to Schedule a Virtual Visit

Step-by-step instructions on how to schedule an Virtual Visit with Complete Health & Wellness Center providers using the My Premise Health app or online at

Privacy Policy

By law, your information cannot be shared with your employer without your consent, unless you are receiving treatment for occupational health or a work related injury.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

If you have a question, comment or concern regarding your experience in the Complete Health & Wellness Center, please contact Premise Health Member Services.

About Premise Health

The Complete Health & Wellness Center is managed by Premise Health, who specializes in partnering with employers to provide quality cost-effective healthcare and operates 600+ health and wellness centers.  Their transformative approach focuses on clinical expertise, easy access to care, and a seamless and simple member experience. By continually simplifying complexity and breaking down barriers to care, they're "fulfilling our promise of helping people get, be and stay well". Premise Health’s focus is consistent with the District’s commitment to providing LSR7 employees with a healthy and safe work environment.  Premise Health will act as a third-party to manage the center, ensuring privacy and security of personal health information.

Complete Health & Wellness Center’s Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurse and Medical Assistants are all employees of Premise Health. Premise Health partners with supervising physicians to provide physician oversight to the Nurse Practitioners, as required by state law. The physicians conduct periodic chart reviews each month and can be consulted on more complex cases if necessary.