Virtual Visits

Quick Info:

Connecting with your provider at the Complete Health & Wellness Center is easy and convenient, with the option for PHONE and VIDEO appointments.

Advantages of Virtual Visits:

With Virtual Visits, you can have a visit where ever YOU are (including the classroom or office!).

Note: Virtual Visits are only available for certain appointment types, such as cold, flu, follow ups, lab reviews, medical questions, allergies, and prescription refills.

How to make a Virtual Visit:

If you have any issues scheduling through the portal, you may also call Member Services at (816) 744-8019 to schedule.

RSQCC_How to Schedule a Virtual Visit.pdf

IMPORTANT: Please answer your phone at the time that your appointment is scheduled. The provider will likely be calling from an unknown number.

How to know what appointment type to schedule (in-person or Virtual Visit):

Please use the following guidance to determine which type of appointment you should make. As always, you can contact Premise Health Member Services if you have questions or want assistance making your appointment. The following are examples, and not limited to:

In-Person Appointments

When to Use:  

For preventive and acute needs during Complete Health & Wellness Center operating hours.  Please schedule an appointment in advance, do not walk-in. 

Service Types:

Click here for a full service list. 

Virtual Visits 

When to Use: 

For acute needs during Complete Health & Wellness Center operating hours. Available by phone or secure video.

Service Types: