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Post-Visit Satisfaction Survey Results

At the end of every visit to the Complete Health & Wellness Center, all patients are offered an opportunity to provide valuable feedback on their experience during the appointment. The survey is anonymous and is conducted on an iPad before leaving. Lee's Summit R-7 School District and Premise Health value everyone's opinion, and wish to make the experience for you, your family and co-workers even better in the future. Below is a look at the most current survey results:

  • 89% indicated they waited less than 5 minutes from their original appointment time to be seen (98% waited less than 10 minutes)

  • 100% indicated they felt their privacy and confidentiality were maintained

  • 99% rated services as good or excellent

  • 99% indicated they were likely or very likely to use the CH&WC again

  • 100% indicated they would recommend the CH&WC

The following word cloud was generated with the comments from the post-visit satisfaction survey. The words are sized in order of recurrence.

Here's what some patients had to say about their experience:

Privacy Policy

By law, your information cannot be shared with your employer without your consent, unless you are receiving treatment for occupational health or a work related injury.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

If you have a question, comment or concern regarding your experience in Complete Health & Wellness Center, please contact Member Services.