How to eCheck-in

Quick Info:

eCheck-in before appointments to save time!

Please complete the eCheck-in process in My Premise Health prior to your appointment.

This will ensure that the Complete Health & Wellness Center staff have all of the information that they need and will also make your appointments quicker and more efficient.

Note: eCheck-in will be available within 7 days of your scheduled appointment.

To complete the eCheck-in process please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to or the My Premise Health app using your username or password

(If you have not yet activated your My Premise Health account, you must do so first. Click here to register.)

  1. If you are scheduling a new appointment:

      • Click ‘Schedule Appointment’ and follow the prompts to schedule your appointment

      • If your appointment is within 7 days, 'eCheck-in' will be immediately available on the 'Get Ready for Visit' screen

      • If your appointment is in more than 7 days, you will need to wait until you receive an appointment reminder that will include a link to 'eCheck-in', or come back to your My Premise Health account within 7 days of the appointment and follow #3 below

  2. If you’ve already scheduled an appointment:

      • eCheck-in will only be available to complete within 7 days of your appointment

      • Find the navigation menu, go to the ‘My Record’ section and click ‘Visits’; Your future scheduled appointment will be listed under the ‘Upcoming Visits’ section

  3. Select ‘eCheck-in’

  4. Complete the following steps in the eCheck-in process: Sign Documents (open each document, complete the form and sign); Allergies*; Medications*; then Health Issues*

*Note: If you have not been seen in the health center since November 2021 (since the transition to Premise Health), Allergies, Medications and Health Issues will be blank. You may update these or the clinic staff will transfer this information during your visit. If you wish to wait, select ‘This information is correct’ and move to the next screen.

  1. Click ‘Submit’